Monday, July 30, 2012

Paragraph Challenge with Calisa Rhose

KAREN: Calisa, thank you so much for participating in the Paragraph Challenge. Why don't tell us a little about your story, Home.

CALISA: I’m so excited to be here Karen! Thank you for having me and my characters from Home, my Wild Rose Press novella. Here's a blurb:

HOME by Calisa Rhose
What could a gypsy and a Vietnam veteran have in common?
Silvertown’s outcast, Poppy Tippen, has loved football hero Sam “The Force” Callahan forever. Is his attention merely an escape from the haunting nightmares? Or does she hold the interest of the only man she’s ever truly loved?
Sam Callahan’s known Poppy his entire life, but there’s something different about her now. Can he convince her she’s the only thing he needs to put the past behind him?

CALISA: Here’s a never-shared scene of their first kiss. I love this whole scene leading up to and following this blip.

He pulled Poppy down beside him before he could think about his actions—or she could protest—and took her into his arms and kissed her. His eyes wouldn’t close as he ravished her mouth and held her tight. Blood red. He wrapped her tighter into his chest and focused on listening for her heartbeat, feeling her softness. She pushed against him, and his arms tightened more. He continued kissing her.

KAREN: WELL, READERS, what do think? Do you want to know more? I know I do. Steamy and romantic all rolled into one fantastic kiss!!

KAREN: Calisa, if you had to choose, what would be your favorite line in your story?

CALISA: I don’t know if this is my favorite line of the whole book, I love so much of it, but it definitely spells what love is in my opinion.  
 "When his head lowered toward her, she let her eyes close and waited for heaven to sink to earth and find her."


If scripted for a movie, young Richard Gere would have to play Sam and Natalie Wood is my Poppy.

KAREN: Richard Gere is one of my favorite actors. I've had a crush on him since I was a teenager. Good choice. :)
Small-town country girl Calisa Rhose has been writing since she was a teen in Oklahoma. It wasn’t until 2005, while living in California, that she realized if “they” can do it there’s no reason why she couldn’t write and get published, too. That realization began her journey into the world of publishing. After a cross-country move with her husband and their three grown daughters (plus families) back to her home state, Calisa dove into her writing. She joined RWA and the local chapter OKRWA. Since that day she has been more determined than ever to see her name in lights. She intends to nurture others and continue to grow as an author.
She’d love to hear from her readers at and you can visit Calisa at Find out about her books on the Bookshelf page.
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This has been so much fun

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday Magic of the Loch #10

Six Sentence Sunday Magic of the Loch #10 IS UNDER KAREN'S SHENANIGANS. See you there. :)

It's Six Sentence Sunday! This is the tenth tidbit from Magic of the Loch. It's available for print now. Yeah!! E-book coming soon! 

Magic of the Loch is a romance between Alan and Michaela, but there is also a mystery the two will need to solve. A sinister shape shifter with a vendetta against Alan threatensDrumnadrochit. He's made Loch Ness his personal hunting ground.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The 100th Page Paragraph Challenge with Sarah McNeal

Karen: Sarah McNeal has taken the 100th Page Paragraph Challenge. Tell us what you think? Did the paragraph make you want to know more?
For Love of Banjo by Sarah McNeal 
"I'd rather be a bastard than be fathered by the likes of you, Richard Dutton. I guess it's easy enough for you to figure out that I won't be going to work in your factory." He could barely stand the sight of Dutton. Banjo could only guess what he and that little German slut were up to. As they walked up the sidewalk back to Dutton's mansion, Banjo turned to Dutton. "I wouldn't go back to that fire trap for any amount of money. And, just in case you haven't heard, we're at war with Germany. My country needs me more than your damn factory."
Karen: Tell the readers a little about yourself.
Sarah J. McNeal: I am a romance writer in several genres including western, paranormal, fantasy and time travel.  I am a member of RWA. Since I retired as an RN from the emergency room, I have been able to delve into my writing full force.  I enjoy reading romance, especially those written by my peers. I believe reading has helped me tremendously to improve my own skills.  I live in North Carolina with my cat, Liberty, and my Golden Retriever, Lily.  When I’m not writing, I like to play my musical instruments, bagpipes, violin, harmonica and guitar or take photographs especially of old architecture.  Feeding birds and gardening bring me peace but no hobby provides me with as much pleasure and happiness as writing.
Karen: What is your favorite line from your book?
My Favorite Line from Banjo:
Breathless from the kiss, he said, “Don’t forget me.  Write to me every day and I’ll write back.  You are the star in my sky and my compass home.  I’ll come back, if it’s the last thing I do, I will come back.  I swear it.”
Karen: Sarah, f your book was scripted for a movie, who would you chose to play the hero and the heroine?
Sarah: Banjo Wilding would be played by Urus Beuler (singer with El Divo)
Maggie O'Leary would be played by Kate Hudson

Karen: For those of you who don't know what Urus Beuler looks like, pop on over to the band's official site and take a gander. You won't be disappointed. On the album, he's the second in the lineup. Cute, don't you think?
For Kate Hudson, there's photos on Wikipedia if the beautiful blonde.   
Places where you can find Sarah: 
Sarah McNeal's website
Places where she blogs regularly:
Sarah’s Provocative Ponderings
Fantasy And Dreams (my blog):
Sarah McNeal's Amazon Author Page
BUY LINKS For the Love of Banjo:
Lulu :
Monkey Bars :

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Magic of the Loch #9

It's Six Sentence Sunday! This is the ninth tidbit from Magic of the Loch. It's available for print now. Yeah!! E-book coming soon! Come by my website under Karen's Shenanigan's for a chilling sneak peek.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Wait is Over!!

I just received notice that  The Magic of the Loch is live!!
Yes, I'm doing a dance!

Print Available at: The Wild Rose Press
Coming soon to:
Barnes and Noble
Michaela Grant travels to Scotland for a holiday, knowing this vacation is her last. A medical condition threatens her life and any chance of a future—until she meets Alan MacLachlin, a man forced to exist between two worlds.

Alan is the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Once every fifty years he returns to human form in search of his soul mate, the one woman who can break his curse. He believes he has found forever with Michaela, but to claim it he must figure out how to save her life.

Michaela and Alan vow to take what time has to offer, but another threat looms. A sinister shape shifter with a vendetta against Alan is making Loch Ness his personal hunting ground. Now he’s threatening Michaela. Alan must discover who the shifter is and stop him before it’s too late.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm a Word Geek by Karen Michelle Nutt

Words hold such magic. You say a word and immediately a vision appears in your mind of what that word means. However, words we use today may have had another meaning centuries ago.

Recently, I watched a 1947 film, Nightmare Alley, starring the talented Tyrone Powers. Tyrone is a carnie in this film and they mention the ‘Geek’ show. Of course, I’m sure it’s not a nerdy fellow in thick black-rimmed glasses in front of a computer. So, what is this show and why are the other carnies saying ‘the geek’ like this guy is a real nutcase?

Well so it seems ‘geek’ has had bit of makeover in the last few decades, but let’s go back to the beginning where the word showed up in the languages. In the 18th century, Austria-Hungary used the word ‘gecken’. They were freaks shown by circuses. In the 19th century, in North-America, the term geek was a circus freak, one of the side shows. The show might even include the ‘geek’ biting a head off a chicken. (yuck!)

It wasn’t until 1952 in the short story, ‘The Year of the Jackpot' by Robert Heinlein that the word was used for a science, math or a tech enthusiast. I grew up thinking a ‘geek’ was a nerd. The definition has changed so much there isn’t a real definitive meaning anymore. 
Now it is used as a source of pride like the ‘Geek Squad’. Heck there’s even ‘geek chic’, which includes black-rimmed glasses, T-shirts with geek in-jokes. Some of the celebrities have gone ‘geek chic’ like Justine Timberlake or David Tennant’s character (the Tenth Doctor of Doctor Who).

What did ‘geek’ conjure up for you?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday with Wanted #1

It's Six Sentence Sunday! I thought I would share my western/historical, WANTED with y'all today. Come by and visit Karen's Shenanigan's at: 
Six Sentence Sunday with Wanted #1

See ya there!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tapestry of Words By Karen Michelle Nutt

You may be able to hide your age with hair color and cosmetics, but your words will give your age away every time. Take journey through the years and see if you recognize a few words or phrases we still use today. To make it easier, the words in bold are the popular words for the era. Scroll down for the answers. 
Have fun!
Guess what era each of these skits are from:
Skit One:
Fred: “Don’t get yourself dizzy with that dame.
George. “Who me? I ain’t nuts. The moll don’t mean nothin’ to me. Granted she is cute as a bug.
Fred: “Do you think these blinkers are blind? I saw her give you a honey cooler back there.”
George. “Yeah, well can I help it I’m a pip?"
Skit Two: 
Sandy: “Wow! I thought Ted would go ape when he had to hand over the pinks.”
Beth: “Me, too. No one expected the duck butt to have it in him. The tank didn’t look like much. It has to be souped up somehow.”
Sandy: “Who cares? He won. I’m going to go congratulate the cat on winning the drag race.”
Beth: “Hey, don’t get kookie. He’s not worth a back seat bingo, if you know what I mean."

Skit Three:
Sam: "He sure is cutting a swell with the Mary Sue."
Mitch: “Well, he better skedaddle when Luke get’s here. That there is his gal.”
Sam: “He won’t know. He’s off on another bender with his bottles of Apple Jack. Mary Sue deserves better than that deadbeat.”

Skit Four:
Sally: “How’d the blind date go?
Cindy: “Well, I won’t be carrying a torch.
Sally: “I take it he wasn’t the Bee’s knees.”
Cindy: “Not even close. It’s a good thing I thought to take my cheaters with me. The palooka tried to slip the hair of the dog in my java.
Sally: “That’s balled up.”
Cindy: “Well, he figured out I was no Dumb Dora when I punched him one in the kisser.

Skit One: 1930s
Dizzy with that Dame:very much in love with a woman, sometimes at great risk to themselves, especially if she's someone else's moll.
Nuts: telling someone they are full of nonsense
Moll: Gangsters girlfriend
Cute at a bug: Very cute
blinkers: eyes
honey cooler: kiss
Pip:Attractive person

Skit Two: 1950s
Go ape: get mad
The pinks: pink slips
Duck Butt: Hairstyle of greasers where hair in back is combed to the middle, then with end of comb, make a middle part.
Tank: A large sedan (usually driven by parents)
Souped up: A car modified to go fast
Cat: A hip person
Drag: A short car race
Kookie: Nuts, in the nicest possible way.
Back seat bingo: Necking in a ca

Skit Three: Western
Cutting a swell: present a fine figure.
Skeddadle: run like hell.
Bender: drunk
Apple Jack: A liquor distilled from cider, also called cider brandy.
Deadbeat: bum, layabout, useless person.

Skit Four: 1920s
Blind date-going out with someone you do not know
Carrying a Torch-to have a crush on someone
Bee's Knees-an extraordinary person, thing, idea; the ultimate
Cheaters- glasses
Palooka- a below-average or average boxer 
Hair of the dog-a shot of alcohol
Java- coffee
Balled up-confused, messed up
Dumb Dora- a stupid female
Kisser: mouth

How'd you do? Did you recognize all the phrases and words or were there a few you didn't recognize?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday, The Devil’s Wolf #4

It's Six Sentence Sunday! This is the 4th tidbit from my Historical. Come join me on my website: Karen's Shenanigans:  Six Sentence Sunday, The Devil’s Wolf #4