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Leap Day for Man and Release Day for Clash of Wills!

Today we have a Guest Author S. G. Rogers and she has a real treat for us. Her new release Clash of Wills is available today!! But I'll let her tell you all about it.

It’s one small Leap Day for man, but one giant release day for Clash of Wills! Not quite a year ago I was searching on the Internet for fantasy short story markets and came across a listing for The Wild Rose Press.  I read their submission guidelines carefully, and that’s when I first became aware there was a subcategory of the romance genre called Romantic Fantasy.  The short story I’d written was too long for most magazines to consider, so I tweaked it a bit and submitted it to Kelly Schaub, the Faery Rose editor at TWRP.  When Clash of Wills was accepted, I couldn’t stop flashing my pearly whites.  Since then, I’ve made many friends in ‘the garden,’ as it’s called, and I’m proud to finally call myself a rose.  Happy Leap Day.  ~ S.G. Rogers

When an unconventional princess meets a footloose prince, a battle of wits begins…

Princess Samantha’s magical compass will help her locate her long-lost brother, but only if she manages to escape her royal parents for a few weeks. When an unwelcome suitor comes to call, Samantha seizes her chance. She beguiles the prince into taking her north, intending to abandon him at her earliest opportunity. Unfortunately, his captivating good looks and charming manner present an unforeseen complication—especially when she is forced to accept help from the very man she has deceived.

To maintain his bachelorhood, handsome Prince Wills is not above deception. Although reluctantly entangled in Samantha’s scheme, he vows to protect her…until a lie threatens to destroy their alliance.  Can his powerful attraction to Samantha overcome his mistrust?  And can they survive a dangerous quest to the wild and magical Uncharted Region?


The spring squall became more intense, and the temperature on the mountain fell rapidly. Frequent thunderclaps frayed her nerves. She kept striking the flint, hoping a spark would catch hold, but gusts of wind foiled her efforts each time. “Burn!” she cried. “Just burn.”

At her command, the fire pit suddenly burst into robust flames, creating the heat that Wills so desperately needed. She dragged him closer to the warmth. Blessed relief flowed through her when he stopped shaking and his color began to improve. She brushed his hair back from his handsome face.

“You’re a good man, Prince Wills,” she murmured. “You’ll make a good king someday…if you survive this misadventure.”

While Wills slept, Samantha rebalanced their packs to more equally distribute the weight. Then she stood at the far end of the lookout to watch the storm. Icy rain blew into her face and soaked her tunic. She gritted her teeth against the cold.

“Are you insane?” Wills’s voice rose above the howling gale. When he felt Samantha’s fingers, he gasped. “You’re freezing!”

He draped her coat over her shoulders and all but yanked her toward the fire. “What did you think you were doing?” he scolded.

“You needed the coat more than I did.”

“That’s nonsense. You could die of exposure up here!”

Wills folded Samantha into the warmth of his arms. They clung together until the sensation returned to her fingertips. “Thank you, Wills,” she murmured, finally. “That feels much better.”

He brushed his lips against hers. “Thank you for taking care of me.”

She responded with a whisper of a kiss. “You’re welcome.”

Romantic fantasy novelette Clash of Wills is available at The Wild Rose Press and other fine booksellers.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mi'lady Jeanne Treat with Wee Sneak Preview!

Karen: JEANNE TREAT captures the life of medieval Scotland with vivid prose. You'll feel the spray of the sea, the warmth of the peat fires and you'll fall in love with the seafaring people of Whinnyfold. I just loved DARK BIRTHRIGHT. Let's give Jeanne a warm welcome. Please feel free to comment and ask Jeanne questions.

Jeanne: This is a snippet from my novel Dark Birthright, set in 17th century Scotland.  Just a wee bit of background:  Two brothers, Dughall and Ian, meet a beautiful lass in the forest.  Both desire her, but Keira favors the shy one, Dughall.  Ian throws out his shoulder and Keira sets it.  Now, they are gathered around a campfire, sharing a meal.


Keira kneeled and unwrapped the parsnips, allowing them to cool. 

Dughall took two sticks from the fire and handed one to her. “Eat, lass.”  They sat around the fire, eating roasted hare and parsnips until there was none left.

Ian wiped his hand on his breeks. “Where did ye learn that trick with your foot, while pullin’ on my arm?”

“A lad in our village throws his shoulder out every harvesting season.  I’ve healed him more than once.” Keira offered him another cup of willow bark tea. “Drink this, it will ease the pain.”  She leaned over and spoke softly. “Will ye be all right for a while?  I need to talk to Dughall alone.”

Ian snorted. “Take care of the lass, Brother. Show her how grateful we are.”


They left Ian and walked through the woods to a nearby oak tree.  Dughall’s heart raced as she moved closer. He reached down to pick a violet, and presented it to her.
“Sweet Lass…
Bonny as a flower.
Strong as the wind in winter.
Wise as an ancient healer.
Steady as my pounding heart.
That is what ye are.”

Keira took his hand and squeezed it. “Poetry... Ye don’t seem like brothers. Ye’re so different.”

Dughall reddened. “I’m sorry for what my brother said, lass. I’ll not take advantage of ye.”

Keira’s dress brushed his breeks. She touched his cheek and parted his lips with a finger. “It doesn’t matter what he thinks.”

Dughall’s skin flushed. His heart beat so hard that he could barely think. She put her arms on his shoulders, pursed her lips, and waited.  The lad trembled as he kissed her lightly. Her lips were soft and moist, and suddenly they were open. He took a breath and shuddered. Her tongue found his and he responded, kissing her passionately. He was light-headed as her fingers caressed his back. Keira sat on the ground and pulled him down beside her.  He was breathless as he leaned forward to touch her face. “Are ye sure, lass?”

She placed his hand on her bodice. “Aye.”

The curve of her breast was soft.  He reached down and ran his fingers under her skirt, tracing her knee.

The lass shuddered. “It’s meant to be,” she whispered, as she unlaced his breeks. “Take me right here.”

Dark Birthright is book one in the Dark Birthright Triology.  The books are available in paperback and eBook and are illustrated by fantasy artist Jane Starr Weils.

It’s 1619 in Scotland.  A child born of mysterious parentage is given to fisher folk to raise as their son.  Dughall grows up in a family bound by honor, becomes a healer, and displays psychic abilities.  His life is torn apart when he’s claimed by his real father, a cruel and powerful lord who tries to mold him in his image.  Dughall must define himself, in the midst of a struggle between a Duke, an Earl, and the family who wants him back.  All the while, he's determined to marry the girl he left behind, a woodland lass with eyes as green as a peacock's feather. 

Video book trailer:
Purchasing links for paperbacks and eBooks:

Karen: Don't miss DARK LORD and DARK DESTINY in this fabulous Trilogy!

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day? No Thanks.

Karen: The guest author today is Katherine Grey. She resides in upstate NY with her family. In August 2011, her tale IMPETUOUS debuted at The Wild Rose Press. For those who love steamy encounters, intrigue, danger, and adventure, this story is for you. Also, look for her new tale, THE MUSE soon to be released in the Love Letter Line at TWRP.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day? No Thanks.
By Katherine Grey

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Whenever I admit this to other women, they look at me like I’m some alien creature they’ve never seen before. 

I’d rather get nothing or do nothing special on Valentine’s Day and have my honey give me flowers or do something special on any other random day just because he wanted to surprise me or for no reason at all rather than receive something he felt compelled to give me because of a date on the calendar.

To me, feeling like you have to give someone a gift, take them dinner, or buy them flowers or you’ll be on the sh*t list for weeks isn’t really showing how much you love someone. You’re spending the money etc because it’s expected and to avoid an argument not because you want to do those things.

Every year I know women who look forward to Valentine’s Day with the same anticipation as they do Christmas. They eagerly wait to see what gift or gifts their significant others will give them for the holiday. They expect flowers, candy, and/or a special dinner in addition to the gift(s).

If the celebration of the holiday doesn’t live up to their expectations or standards, their spouses or boyfriends spend the next few days (or weeks) in the dog house.  They make those guys miserable because they didn’t spend enough or do enough to show their love.

I’m not saying all females are like this, but I have to say seeing how these women act certainly colors my view, making me more cynical about the holiday than I should be.  This past Tuesday I worked the day job, spent time with my mother, and read a good book.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Okay, it was a little out of the ordinary as I didn’t do anything writing related that day.

For those of you who celebrated Valentine’s Day, I hope you had a great day and for those of you who didn’t, I hope you had a great day too.  And remember, it really is just another day on the calendar. :o)

by Katherine Grey

Mateo de Montayas, an impoverished Spanish count, comes to England to recover a stolen family heirloom and to satisfy his hunger for revenge against the man who destroyed his family. Arriving in London, he learns his hated enemy died three years before but has left behind a daughter. What better way to retrieve the heirloom and exact revenge than to use her to his advantage?
Teresa Darlington will do anything to keep scandal away from her frail mother and prove her father wasn't a thief, even risk her reputation in a race to find the missing heirloom before the Count does. But she didn't count on falling in love with the man determined to ruin her family. Can she find the heirloom before he does and protect her family, or will her heart lead her in a different direction?

Buy Links:
You can purchase a copy at any of the following links:
You can contact Katherine at her blog  or on Facebook

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New Short Story Releases To Warm Your Heart

Karen: Cheryl Pierson is here to share your new short story releases with us! I've had the honor of reading some of her fabulous tales. She knows how to draw you into a story and make you believe you're there. You'll love her rugged heroes, who oftentime need mending and her spirited heroines, who are willing to nurse them back to health! 
Feel free to comment and ask questions. Cheryl loves to hear from the readers!

Cheryl: I couldn’t let another day go by without showing off my new “stand alone” short stories.  Let me tell you why I’m so excited about these stories.
First of all, I love to read and write short stories as well as novels.  In today’s world, short stories are growing increasingly popular because they can be finished in one sitting, usually. Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery, and her imprints, Western Trail Blazer and Victory Tales Press, have been a fantastic source of anthologies and “stand alone” short stories in today’s growing market.
The anthologies are themed anthologies, based upon a season or holiday. The stories that are contracted for those anthologies cannot be reprinted anywhere else for six months. But, when their “time” is up, a contract may be put in place to continue to sell them in the anthologies and to also offer them as “single sell” .99 offerings, as well.
Three of my short stories came up for that option recently: ALWAYS AND FOREVER, which first appeared in A HALLOWEEN COLLECTION; THE LAST OF HER KIND, which came out in A MYSTERY/SUSPENSE COLLECTION; and A HEART FOR A HEART, which was first offered in A VALENTINE COLLECTION.
This growing short story market has been a great way for readers to sample different authors in sub-genres they love, or take a chance on an author that maybe they’ve never read before in a sub-genre they wouldn’t normally read—because the price is right.  At just .99 a story, you really can’t go wrong. And look at these fantastic covers, created by none other than KAREN M. NUTT! Aren’t they awesome?
All of my short stories are available on Nook, through Barnes and Noble, and on Kindle, through Amazon.   Here are some covers and blurbs for the latest short stories of mine that have come out recently as single-sell offerings.  I hope you enjoy!
THE LAST OF HER KIND (paranormal suspense):
An old Victrola is the cherished possession of Cassie’s grandmother.  Her father also seems oddly attached to the antique phonograph, but her new stepmother detests it and wants it gone.  Grandmother is sick, probably dying, and Cassie will be the only one left in the house who sees through Trish as Cassie’s brothers no longer live with them. 
Then Cassie discovers a wonderful, yet frightening secret.  Will her new knowledge save her family or destroy it?
ALWAYS AND FOREVER (contemporary “2nd chance at love”):

At a children’s Halloween carnival, a Gypsy fortuneteller predicts a new love for both Cindy and Gage.  When the two meet over a poorly carved pumpkin, love flickers to life and the stars begin to align.
But the odds of finding a new love later in life seem insurmountable and the prophecy seems too good to be true.  After all, Gage has been burned before and Cindy doesn’t believe in fortunes or second chances.
Will doubt overshadow their attraction or has love already been set in motion?  Can the star-crossed pair put their faith in the love that was foretold? Can they believe in each other?
A HEART FOR A HEART (a Valentine’s Day sweet romance):
 Kiera is all set to welcome Cory into her home as a foster child.  Orphaned and with a learning disability, Cory is looking forward to living with his tutor.  Until his uncle shows up…
Sam Tiger returns from military duty to find his deceased brother’s son being taken in by a stranger.  The boy needs his family and Sam is it.  He never expects the tutor to stand up to him and want to keep Cory.  Then the worst happens—he finds himself attracted to Kiera. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Cupid’s got deadly aim!
Cheryl's Amazon Author Page: 
Karen: Cheryl, I'm so glad you love your book covers. I had fun designing them. :) Thank you, again for stopping by and sharing your tales. 
Just a heads up readers, Cheryl will be back on March 5th with her new release Kane's Redemption! 

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Valentine's Gifts For Everyone!

Karen: Happy Valentine's Day! Cara, I'm so thrilled to have you here today. Cara Marsi pens romantic suspense tales for The Wild Rose Press and dark paranormal stories for Noble Romance Publishing. She's given us all a treat for Valentine's Day. Two Free Reads and she's running a contest for another special prize. Please give Cara a warm welcome!!

Cara: I want to thank Karen for having me today. As a treat, I’ve written a special Valentine’s story just for her and her readers. I hope you enjoy THE LAST CUPCAKE. And I hope you’ll stop by Amazon where I’m offering my sweet, sexy novella, LOVING OR NOTHING free today only. Here’s the link:

I’ll also give away a PDF of my romantic suspense, LOGAN’S REDEMPTION, to one commenter.(Don't forget to leave your email.) **Contest ends on Feb. 16th.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

With a sigh I pulled my special cupcake from the refrigerated case and set it on the counter. Though several customers had wanted to buy it, I wouldn’t sell. I’d made it for Brett, only he hadn’t shown up. My shoulders sagged. It was closing time for my bakery. I wouldn’t see Brett today.

The large cupcake, chocolate, with pink buttercream frosting and topped with a dark red buttercream rose, sat on the counter as if mocking me. I’d had such hopes that today - Valentine’s Day - Brett would finally ask me out.

My shop had done a booming business. Cases where my Valentine’s Day cupcakes and heart-shaped cookies once rested were now bare. I should be happy, but my heart was breaking a little. No Brett had walked into my shop, his long-legged stride and lopsided grin brightening my day.

Brett, construction manager at a site down the street from my shop, had been coming to my bakery every day for a month. He always bought a chocolate cupcake, then stayed to talk to me and flirt a little. I knew he was unattached and I’d wanted him to ask me out almost from the first day. Had I read him wrong? Maybe he wasn’t attracted to me after all. Maybe I should ask him out - but what if he said no?

Tamping down self-pity, I pushed away from the counter and headed toward the door to lock it. As I put the key in the lock, I looked out the plate glass window and saw Brett hurrying down the street. My heart lurched and excitement rose in me.

I opened the door to him, then locked it after he slid through. We stood for a few seconds and stared at each other. His longish dark blond hair was ruffled from the breeze and his green eyes lit with an appreciative gleam while his gaze scanned me.

Nervous as a teen with her first crush, I smoothed a hand over my hair. “Brett, I didn’t think I’d see you today.” Thankfully my voice sounded normal.

He gave me that lopsided smile I’d come to love. “It’s been a really busy day and I couldn’t get away till now. I had to come in for my daily cupcake fix.”

I laughed, feeling some of my nervousness dissolve. “I saved a cupcake for you.” I walked to the counter with Brett following close behind.

When I handed him the cupcake, his eyes widened. “Wow, Janie, that’s beautiful. You’re a true artist. It’s almost too pretty to eat.”

“It’s meant to be eaten. Enjoy. It’s on the house. My Valentine’s Day gift to you.” My face heated as soon as the words were out. I was giving him a Valentine’s Day gift and I didn’t even know how he felt about me. What if he’d lied about being unattached?

“Thanks,” he said quietly. As he took the cupcake from me, our fingers touched, shooting sparks up my arm. I know he felt something too, because his eyes darkened with awareness.

He took a bite of the cupcake and moaned softly, his enjoyment showing on his face. When he flicked his tongue over his lips to lick away the icing, my knees wobbled like unset gelatin. What would it be like to have his lips on mine?

Brett held out the cupcake. “Have some.” I took a bite, relishing the rich taste. When I licked the icing off my lips, Brett stared, as if mesmerized.

Very slowly, he took the sweet from me and placed it on the counter, then turned back to me.
“Hell, Janie, I don’t know how to say this, so I’m just going to say it. This is my last cupcake.”
I felt as if five pounds of sugar settled in my stomach, weighing me down. He was going to tell me he had a girlfriend or that he was moving to another city for his job.

I swallowed. “What do you mean?”

He patted his stomach, his flat, muscled stomach. “Since I’ve been coming to your bakery, I’ve had to add extra workouts at the gym. I’ve got to stop with the cupcakes.” His gaze softened, and he took one of my hands in his, pulling me toward him.

“Your cupcakes are exceptional,” he said. “But you’re extraordinary. Why do you think I’ve been coming in here every day?”

A bud of hope opened in my chest. “For my delicious cupcakes?”

He cupped my face between his strong, work-roughened hands. “You’re more delicious than any cupcake.
It’s taken me all this time to get up the nerve, but will you go out with me? I need to see you, be with you, but if I keep coming to your bakery on the pretense of needing a cupcake, I won’t be able to fit through the door.”

Happiness bubbled up in me. “Oh, yes, I’ll go out with you. What do you mean it took you all this time to get up the nerve to ask?”

“You’re so beautiful. And you’re so talented. You intimidate the hell out of me.”

“If I’d known you felt that way I would’ve messed up a few cupcake batches.”

He laughed softly and skimmed his thumbs over my cheekbones. “Will you have dinner with me tonight?”

I nodded, too overcome with joy to speak. He bent and took my lips in a tender kiss that poured out his longings. I wound my arms around his neck, savoring the feel of his lips moving gently, a little hesitantly, over mine. He tasted of chocolate, buttercream and the promise of sweet days and nights.
He pulled away and gazed into my eyes. “You’re more delicious than I’d imagined.”

“You too,” I whispered.

“I think I’m going to enjoy having a girlfriend who looks like an angel and bakes like one too.”

I stepped back and raised an eyebrow. “So I’m your girlfriend now?”

“I hope so.”

With a smile, I touched his lips with my finger. “I thought you were worried about your manly physique. As my boyfriend, you’ll be eating lots of baked goods.”

He gave me a wicked grin. “I know some very inventive ways to work off the weight.”


“Really.” Then he kissed me again, a slow seductive kiss that whetted my appetite and left me wanting more, so much more.

About Author: Cara Marsi likes to describe herself as a former corporate drone and cubicle dweller. Now that she’s no longer a slave to the corporate world, she can more fully indulge her love of romance. She likes to write about feisty, independent women and the hot guys who love them. She’s published in traditional romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance. In addition, she’s sold more than a dozen short stories to women’s magazines.

Cara and her husband like to travel, and she loves to write about the places they’ve visited. They share their home with a fat, black diva of a cat named Killer.

Please visit Cara’s website,, to learn more about her books and her life. And to see a picture of Killer all pumped up for Halloween.

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Romance Is In the Air!

Authors post your ROMANTIC blurbs, first KISSES, or your characters' romantic DATES! Don't forget to leave a LINK to where the readers can purchase your tales of romance!!

Readers join in and chat about your most romantic VALENTINE'S DAY!

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Romance is in the Air Week Starts Tomorrow!

Here's the lineup:
Monday, Feb 13th Authors post your ROMANTIC blurbs, first KISSES, or your characters' romantic DATES! Don't forget to leave a LINK to where the readers can purchase your tales of romance!!
Readers join in and chat about your most romantic VALENTINE'S DAY!
Valentine's Gifts for Everyone!
Feb 14th Happy Valentine's Day! Cara, I'm so thrilled to have you here today. Cara Marsi pens romantic suspense tales for the Wild Rose Press and dark paranormal stories for Noble Romance Publishing. She's given us all a treat for Valentine's Day. TWO FREE READS and she's running a CONTEST for another special prize. Please give Cara a warm welcome!!
Wednesday Feb. 15th New Short Story Releases To Warm Your Heart by Cheryl Pierson
Cheryl Pierson is here to share your new short story releases with us! I've had the honor of reading some of her fabulous tales. She knows how to draw into a story and make you believe you're there. You'll love her rugged heroes, who oftentime need mending and her spirited heroines, who are willing to nurse them back to health!

Thursday, Feb. 16th The guest author today is Katherine Grey with her post: "Celebrate Valentine's Day? No Thanks." She resides in upstate NY with her family. In August 2011, her tale IMPETUOUS debuted at The Wild Rose Press. For those who love steamy encounters, intrigue, danger, and adventure, this story is for you. Also, look for her new tale, THE MUSE soon to be released in the Love Letter Line at TWRP. 
Friday Feb. 17th JEANNE TREAT captures the life of medieval Scotland with vivid prose. You'll feel the spray of the sea, the warmth of the peat fires and you'll fall in love with the seafaring people of Whinnyfold. I just loved DARK BIRTHRIGHT. Let's give Jeanne a warm welcome.
Karen Michelle Nutt
Books Available at Amazon

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RTW Cupid Party 6 Books and Kindle Giveaway!

Last day to enter to win a Kindle. It's super easy. Just comment on the six posts at RTW and your entered to win. Not only do you have a chance to win a Kindle, you have a chance to win books from each of the authors, too. Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Romance, Love Letters and Beth Trissel

Beth Trissel is a paranormal and historical romance author with The Wild Rose Press. She holds the title awards for: The Golden Heart Finalist, Double Epic Award Finalist and a Publisher's Weekly BHB Reader's Choice Best Books Award.  Not only does she pen wonderful romances charged with love and danger, she also writes informative posts about plants and herbs on her One Writer's Way Blog. (I love that by the way. )  Let's give Beth a warm welcome. Aren't her little friends adorable?

***Beth's running CONTEST, too. One lucky commenter will receive an e-book copy of INTO THE LION'S HEART.  READ On to find out how you may be a winner!  Contest ends SAT. FEB. 11TH AT 12:00 PM PST. 

Karen: Let’s start with you telling the readers a little about yourself.
BETH: Thanks for having me as your guest, Karen.  Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia surrounded by my children, grandbabies, and assorted animals.  An avid gardener, my love of herbs and heirloom plants figures into my work. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans and the people who journeyed here from far beyond her borders are at the heart of my inspiration.  In addition to American settings, I also write historical and time travel romances set in the British Isles.
Karen: Tell us a little about the story INTO THE LION’S HEART. What inspired you to write this tale?
BETH: My fascination with the past and those who’ve gone before us is the ongoing inspiration behind my work.  Most of my historical and light paranormal romances are set in America with the exception of Somewhere My Lass which includes the Scottish Highlands.  In my first English historical romance, Into the Lion’s Heart, I more deeply explored my British heritage.  Set in 1789 England, the story opens with the hero, Captain Dalton Evans (fought in the American Revolution) journeying to Dover to meet the ship carrying a distant cousin, Mademoiselle Sophia Devereux, who’s fleeing the French Revolution.  My research into the explosion across the English Channel made me aware of how many French émigrés fled the country during the initial year of the revolution.  Many were aristocrats, including the king’s own brothers.  Most all of the nobility who did not flee, while they still could, were guillotined during the subsequent reign of terror. But I wanted to focus on that first explosive year in this story.
Karen: Captain Dalton Evans arrives in Dover to meet his charge. What is his first impression when he meets Cecile Beaumont, the heroine of the story?  What are Dalton’s weaknesses? Strengths?

BETH: When Captain Dalton Evans first sees Cecile, whom he assumes is a distant French relation, he’s surprised by her lack of sophistication and the arrogance he anticipated from an aristocrat.  Dalton is a skillful strategist, hardened from years of war in America during the Revolution, disappointed both in his career and circumstances.  As the second son he didn’t inherit his father’s title and grand estate but his uncle’s rambling manor house in Cornwall along with financial challenges and an eccentric aunt.  But he isn’t easily defeated.  However, he’s rather moody.

Karen: Tell us about Cecile Beaumont. What does she think of Captain Dalton Evans and Thomas Archer? What are Cecile’s weaknesses and strengths? 

BETH: Cecile Beaumont is impressed by the brooding captain from the start.  Although his charming friend, the soon to be ‘Lord’ Thomas Archer, also has a certain draw.  Cecile’s appeal lies in her beguiling lack of artfulness, but this makes masquerading as an aristocrat a challenge.  Having suffered the initial volleys of the French Revolution, she’s tougher than many ladies her of era and has had to do actual physical work, so knows how to make do and think on her feet.  Her immediate goal is survival. 
Into the Lion’s Heart kicked off the new historical line the Wild Rose Press is debuting called Love Letters, the idea being that a letter must be responsible for bringing the hero and heroine together.
Blurb: As the French Revolution rages, the English nobility offer sanctuary to many a refugee. Captain Dalton Evans arrives in Dover to meet a distant cousin, expecting to see a spoiled aristocrat. Instead, he's conquered by the simplicity of his new charge. And his best friend Thomas Archer isn't immune to her artless charm, either.

Cecile Beaumont didn't choose to travel across the Channel. And she certainly didn't expect that impersonating her own mistress would introduce her to a most mesmerizing man. Now she must play out the masquerade, or risk life, freedom – and her heart.~

Karen: What are your current projects and works in progress? 

BETH: I recently signed with the Wild Rose Press for the third novel in my colonial frontier series, Kira Daughter of the Moon, the sequel to Native American historical romance novel Through the Fire, which will come out later this year.   Historical romance Red Bird’s Song, also with a strong NA theme, is the second novel in this series.   In the paranormal realm, I’m at work on the sequel to my suspenseful Scottish Time Travel romance Somewhere My Lass.

Karen: Tell the readers where they can find you: 

Karen: Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers? 
BETH: My stories range from full novels to novellas.  Some are straight historical romance while others have time travel, ghosts, or other paranormal twists.  The time periods run the gamut from the early 17th century Scottish Highlands, to Colonial America, with vastly different settings from the wealthy facet of colonial society to the rugged frontier and Shawnee warriors, to the Carolina backcountry during the American Revolution, to Georgian England and the French Revolution, vintage America in the early 20th century, WW1 and the Hippie Era of 1968, up to modern day...Bound to be something to suit you. 

***Contest: Beth is giving away the ebook of  INTO THE LION'S HEART in whatever digital format the winner chooses. All you have to do is leave a comment or ask a question. Don't forget to leave your email so Beth may contact you if should win. Good luck! 
Karen:  Can't wait? Purchase your copy at:
Into the Lion’s Heart is available from The Wild Rose Press, Amazon kindle, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers.

 Karen: Thank you so much for sharing  with us today! I wish you the very best!

RTW Cupid Party!

Enter to win a #KINDLE! and FREE EBOOKS! #RTWparty
You Could Win A
February 6 to 12, 2012 A Chance to win PRIZES every day!
RTW loves to introduce you to great books and give you a chance to win some, too. That's why our Valentine's Day celebration will be the Romancing The West Cupid Party! And do we every have a terrific line-up for you--talented authors, great books.

All you have to do to enter is to comment and you'll be entered to win the author's prize that day, plus you'll be entered to win the Chicken Dinner Grand Prize. What would that be? A Kindle and a free book from all six authors to put on it! So who are these fabulous authors?
Feb 6: Heather Hiestand 
Feb 7: Jacquie Rogers 
Feb 8: Beth Trissel 
Feb 9: Ginger Simpson
Feb 11: Linda LaRoque 
and on
Feb 12: Chicken Dinner announces the winner of a
new Kindle and 6 fabulous books!

Chicken Dinner is the RTW Sunday post where contest winners are announced, and you're treated with a variety of links to interesting western sites.